2.0 Getting Started Meeting

The Getting Started Meeting with Sponsor is to assist new associates to set up the necessary infrastructure needed to build the business. This includes obtaining the appropriate resources and completing specific administrative activities. All the page numbers below refer to the USANA Business Development System (BDS) which is purchased at the time of enrollment.

Following are the key components of the Getting Started Meeting:

Be a product of the product

Get the associate to start on the products immediately so that s/he can experience the benefits firsthand and get excited about them. Discuss re-directional spending and being a prosumer (one who purchases products for their own consumption).

Address any questions the new associate might have about the products. Use the product information booklet to explain the purpose of the products in question and how they should be taken.

Maintain Autoship

Discuss autoship and its importance, namely:

Complete the Goal Worksheet in the BDS

Discuss the Dream Building Worksheet on page 14 of the BDS

Discuss the Goals Worksheet on page 15/16 of the BDS

Ensure the new associate completes the Goal Sheet

Get Connected

Establish an email address

Establish a Business Line (Virtual Message Bank)

Register email address with USANA

Share contact details with sponsorship line for updates and support

Make a list of names

Review Warm List of Names.

Encourage the associate to complete the Warm List using the Memory Jogger on page 21. Aim to list at least 100 names.

Set Up Business

Set up a dedicated workplace

Order business resources information Packs, business cards, prospecting tools, training resources

Set up separate business account if necessary

Advise associate to review the Policy and Procedures section of the BDS

Discuss Business Building Strategies

Discuss the strategies for prospecting and presenting pages 17-20 of BDS.

Schedule Day Planner

Schedule 7-10 hours per week (use the Day Planner - document 2.300 found on the True Friends website) for:

Schedule the following training/educational forums

Arrange Progress Tracking Meeting (with Sponsor)

Schedule a follow-up meeting within 5-10 days.

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