4.1 BDS Fast Start Training

BDS Fast Start Training provides the new associates with some basic skills-based training so that s/he can start to share the opportunity with others. It covers the following topics:

  1. Be a Product of the Product
  2. Goals and Dreams
  3. Begin with the End in Mind
  4. Creating A Prospecting List
  5. Contacting and Inviting
  6. Presenting
  7. Understanding and Overcoming Objections
  8. The Decision Point
  9. Follow-Up
  10. Coaching and Leadership

USANA offers a comprehensive online version of this training through their website at www.usana.com – simply click ‘Online BDS Tutorial’ under the Training tab on the Home page. Also, you find that the online training is a convenient training tool for your long-distance associates who might not be able to attend a local training event.

Once you have completed the Online BDS Fast Start tutorial you are encouraged to attend a live training of this program. In this way you will increase your understanding of the subject matter, and also learn how to conduct such a training forum for your associates using the standard PowerPoint presentation found on the USANA website.

Download Associated Documents:

To conduct a BDS Fast Start Training also download the powerpoint presentation from the USANA website (www.usana.com).