6.0 Conduct a Mini-interview

This process involves interviewing the prospect and providing an Introductory Information Pack (or 'First Pack') within 48 hours of initial contact.

The objective of the Introductory Information Pack is to further qualify the prospect by sharing appropriate information. The Introductory Information Pack contains both, USANA specific and general industry information. For details of pack contents refer to document 5.020 - Information Pack Contents.

The Mini-Interview

It is best to personally deliver the Introductory Information Pack to the prospect. This provides the opportunity to conduct a mini-interview, which will significantly increase the likelihood of the prospect reviewing the Introductory Information Pack and attending a full in-house or open presentation.

A mini-interview is a 20 to 30-minute meeting where you:

On The Job Training

To provide the new associate with a hands-on practice on how to conduct a mini-interview, schedule a minimum of 5 dates/times over the next 2-4-weeks to share the opportunity with warm-market prospects. (Note: The mini-interview training must go ahead at the scheduled times even if there are no prospects. During such times sponsor will engage the new associate in a role playing exercise to provide experience.)

There are 3 ways to conduct a mini-interview with your warm market:

  1. Show the business opportunity to genuine interested prospects;
  2. Conduct the mini interview for training purposes only, so you can practice, or
  3. Invite your warm market to a presentation run by your sponsor. This is generally conducted in front of several of your warm market prospects.

Long-Distance Prospects

If you are unable to personally deliver an Introductory Information Pack it is important to conduct the mini-interview over the phone prior to posting any information. You might wish to post or email a copy of the Fast Facts documents or Health and Freedom Newspaper from the USANA website.

Note that this is a relationship marketing business, so personal contact and rapport are extremely important for building trust and friendship. When dealing with the cold market long distance, this is often a much longer process requiring a more substantial investment of your time and resources.

Preferred Customer

If the lead is not interested in the business opportunity, establish if s/he is interested in becoming a consumer of the product. If so, sponsor him/her as a Preferred Customer and encourage him/her to attend a full-presentation to learn more about the health benefits of the opportunity.

Hence, it is prudent to be prepared and carry a Preferred Customer Pack when meeting with a prospect.

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