8.0 Conduct a Full Presentation

A full presentation is an in-house or public location (e.g. hotel) gathering to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the opportunity to enable prospects (sometimes called guests) to make an informed decision on whether or not to get involved. Full presentations serve two purposes, namely to:

Generally in-house presentations are conducted in the home of a newer associate. Hotel presentations are conducted by more experienced associates who are sponsoring and training regularly.

Schedule one night a week for six consecutive weeks to hold full presentations at the new associate’s home. Invite as many prospects as possible to these forums. The sponsor (and, if necessary, another upline leader) will present the opportunity to the prospect. The new associate should do a part of each presentation to gain hands-on experience in conducting full presentations. Ideally, the new associate should be doing the entire presentation by himself/herself by week 6.

The key benefits of inviting prospects to an in-house/public gathering are that they:

When the presentation is over, offer the prospect a Follow-up Information Pack (sometimes referred to as a ‘Second Pack’). If a prospect accepts the Follow-up Information Pack there is a strong chance that s/he will become an associate.

Resources for Follow-Up Information Pack

The Follow-Up Information Pack contains both, USANA specific and general industry information.

NOTE: For details of the pack contents refer to document 5.020 - Information Pack Contents.

Long-distance Full-Presentations

If the prospect lives long-distance, arrange a full-presentation, which can be done in one of three ways:

Arrange A Follow-up Meeting

Agree to meet again within 4-5 days to

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