9.0 Follow-up and Sponsor

When you meet with the prospect again, one of the following scenarios may occur:

Attend Cross-line and/or Corporate Presentation (if required)

These are presentations held in public locations and are open to all USANA associates regardless which sponsorship line they belong to.

These meetings give the prospect a different perspective of the opportunity, more importantly they show USANA on a bigger scale.

So, encourage prospects that are undecided about whether or not they wish to get involved in the business to attend a Cross Line presentation. It is also prudent to leave additional information with the prospect and set a follow-up date to learn of his/her decision.

Schedule a Follow-up Meeting

Agree to meet again within 4-5 days to

The Follow-Up Meeting (after the Cross-line Presentation)

At the follow-up meeting one of two scenarios may occur:

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