The True Friends Difference

When it comes to building a sustainable and profitable Intellectual Distribution business, there are three key steps that must be followed:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Create customers/associates
  3. Develop leaders

Moving from one step to the next is a major process in its own right. Hence, the three steps give rise to two major processes, without which there can be no business in the long term. These processes (as emphasised in our Mission Statement) are:

  1. converting leads to associates - this process focuses on relationship marketing; and
  2. developing associates into leaders - this process focuses on success coaching.

Here is an illustration of the entire process:

Diagram of CSFs

So, in summary:

  1. No Leads, No Business
  2. No Leaders, No Business

The True Friends Way

The True Friends’ Way is to be professional, honest, friendly, competent, sincere, sensitive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Ultimately, our goal is to help as many 'Leads' as we can to become 'Leaders'... and this is where the traditional networking models fall short in a big way. With the traditional model people are often lured into the business with the promise of quick and/or substantial returns without having to go through the process to developing into a leader.

Our goal is to build the business organically through developing leaders, and not necessarily by finding all 'ready made' leaders. To do that means that we have to develop a culture of leadership, then create a vacuum for leadership to develop and allow the right people to fill that vacuum. Our ability to create the results we want depends on how well and how consistently we grow other leaders.

A leader, as far as entrepreneurship is concerned, is simply someone who is willing to take initiative and put in the effort needed to achieve the results they desire in life, not some verbose person who declares himself/herself a leader. It is someone who can lead themselves first before they can lead others; someone that others want to emulate because of the way they carry themselves or the way they come across; someone that other people trust and respect. This is the kind of leadership we are talking about – it’s self-leadership. It is simply about becoming the best you can be. You don’t have to compare yourself with others.

The process of helping new associates develop into a leader requires both training and education. Training is about developing new relationship marketing skills and abilities (such as prospecting, presenting, following up and sponsoring) while education is about changing one’s mindset and developing new beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that lead to success as an entrepreneur.

Many people who get involved in traditional network marketing fail because they are not mentally prepared to deal with the trial and error processes of entrepreneurship. This lack of mental preparedness is true for almost everyone because we are taught through formal education and on-the-job training to become good employees so that we can trade hours for dollars and earn linear income. We are taught job skills and not the survival skills and the free thinking skills that lead to success as an entrepreneur. We are not taught life skills so that we can play this game of life effectively. We are not taught self-leadership skills so that we can lead ourselves to a prosperous life.

The Critical Difference

The education component of the True Friends Success System is specifically designed to address the shortcoming that exists in the traditional network marketing model which leaves the new associate to take care of his/her own education through reading and/or attending the occasional seminar or workshop.

Education must be an integral part of the system. So, effectively the True Friend’s approach goes beyond training which is teaching new skills and abilities (prospecting, presenting, following up and sponsoring) and into education, which is teaching life skills and helping people develop new attitudes, beliefs and behaviours through our Success-Mastery and Mentoring programs.

Education is the True Friends’ difference.

Bits 'n Pieces

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